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Media Ministry Work.

Faith times

Faith times raise the voice for the poor in all the needful times. As the scripture says in Proverbs 31:8

Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute.

Persecuted families have been visited in their places to be met by our immediate support in all sort of possible manner. They were persecuted by the religious fanatics who are known for their brutal actions against the Christians. We keep records of them that it would be helpful in the future to help them in their needs.

Faith times also at large scale Networking with the people to involve in its work for the benefit of the society. For example, we have correspondents and representative from different parts of the state in Madhya Pradesh namely, Shivpur, Khargone, Ratlam, Morena, Mandsor, Ujjain, Dewas, Bhopal, and Neemach. They play very key role in participating in it by sharing their field reports in an effective manner.

An instance, Our Correspondent from Shivpur shared about the Flood situation which devastated the entire region due to the heavy rain fall in last month. This was broadcasted in Faith Times Portal and can be viewed by

A Step Forward During COVID – 19 Relief.

We have visited different communities in the various slums in the Urban area as well in sub-Urban. They were near about 230 families in those areas. Food distributions were taken place in their respective places along with praying for their needs. Some places we could see people were getting delivered by the evil spirits. Awareness programs were held in all slums to the people and explained about the need of knowing it in Pandemic situation.

In the time of Covid – 19 which was in peak in our city we were able to meet the affected and the deceased to be met by our humanitarian service to them in all the helpful ways. We made Stall in front of the M.Y. Hospital and distributed foods and water through which raise their issues to be known to the Government.

Book store

1 - Here we do serve the people by providing them with Hindi bible throughout Madhya Pradesh

2 - Distribution of New Testament to the Pastor entire state

3 - Helping the Pastors and God’ servants to get their ministry banners printing for their ministries

4 - Translations of books are being done along with the cover designing

5 - Doing our best by reaching out the reached to reach the unreached through our Media Ministry


It is a Television program broadcasting every day evening 7 to 7.30 in the local cable channel. There have been quite a number of calls answered by our staffs. Some are for the different prayer needs and few others are counseling needs for the individuals. This TV Program is progressing well in the steady manner. Still some more counselling is needed to be given when people would be in need of it. The testimony of people regarding their own life’s healing, miracles and answered prayers are all much encouraging to our ministry to go forward to do it better

1 - Name - Anjuben

Anjuben’s daughter is in jail for more than 6 months now, while she was returning from Birthday Party, Police caught her and put her in jail said Anjuben.

2 - Name - Nemaben

Her Husband Dhansyambhai is creating problem for her due to her faith in Christ, he is now allowing to pray, speaks foul language as well as everyday he is torturing.

3 - Name - Madhuben

Her Son is addicted to alcohol and due to that daughter-in-law has left him and staying with her parents, there is no peace or blessings in her home. Pray.

4 - Name - Kavitaben

Due to some reason, he daughter-in-law, does not want to come back from her parents’ house. Pray that she would return home.

5 - Name - Rajkumar

He is doing a job but not getting his salaries for long time. Pray that owner would get persuaded to give his salary.

6 - Name - Shakshiben

She desperately praying and wanting Government Job

7 - Name - Vinodbhai

Not getting any proposal for marriage, pray that he would get married soon.

8 - Name - Sunitaben

She is suffering from headache for a long time.

9 - Name -Poonamben

She was working in a Hospital as a Nurse but due to some reason she was asked to discontinue her duty. She was disturbed. She asked to pray.

After few days she was called back for joining her duty, now she is requesting for a prayer that she wants to get married with Hospital’s Manager.

10 - Name - Jayeshbhai

He is doing a Private Job, for last 6 months he has not received any salary, he is desiring for getting old job.

11 - Name - Meenaben

She is requesting prayer for her son to get married soon.

12 - Name - Utkarsh

He is believer, his mother is sick for a long time, he has requested prayers for his mother.

13 - Name - Deepakbhai

Suffering from headache for a long time, consulted several doctors but no relief. He has requested prayers for his mother.

14 - Name - Chandniben

Married under Love Marriage but now after two children, husband is threatening to leave her.

15 - Name - Minakshiben

Minsaskhi’s husband is working in USA (America), she wants him to come back to India to be with her.

Minakshi has also requested prayer for her sister’s husband, he is alcoholic and due to that she has been a victim of domestic violence every day.

16 - Name - Sumitraben

Her son wants a bike for him, they want to but under their budget.

17 - Name -Vanitaben

She is suffering from prolonged headache

18 - Name -Chiniben

She is beliver, for long time she has been praying for getting her own house, she wants to construct her own house.

19 - Name - Gayatriben

They are under huge debts and unbale sort out the repayment for a long time

20 - Name - Shailendrabhai

He is suffering from stomach pain for a long time. To get protection from COVID virus

21 - Name -Shumitbhai

Wife is suffering from sleeplessness. Has breathing problem too.

Also, they are trying for a baby for long time but not able to conceive.

Want transfer from current job location.

22 - Name - Jagdish

One boy is troubling his daughter by constantly following her, she is disturbed.

23 - Name - Pooja Malviya

She has requested prayer for her sister Tina Malviya. She is married for 7 years but no Child. Pray that God would bless her with fruit of the womb.

24 - Name - Prembhai

He is working in an organization as helper in kitchen. One of the staff got COVID infected. Pray for his safety.

25 - Name -Meenaben

Praise Point - Her Daughter Manshi is feeble minded children 9Special Child). She was unable to speak before but through prayer now she is able to speak.

Now she has requested prayers for her studies.

Prayer points

1. In need of training exposure through the training experts to enhance the skills to be used in media ministry

2. God to bless all our endeavors in our media ministry

3. Do pray for the need of Camera, and equipment for video shooting purpose namely, Audio Mic, lights for video shooting

4. For the protection of the media staffs as they work in an endangered circumstances in their respective places.

5. Pray that media ministry would be a blessing to everyone

6. Pray for the media people to be wise in different situations as we encounter critical times

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