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We are actively involved in community transformation throughout Northern India.  We invite you to partner in bringing holistic development to at-risk communities.

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After School Programs

After school programs teach leadership, village government, livelihood training, study skills, literacy and spiritual development.

Happy Girls

Child Sponsorships

We operate children's homes for kids from at risk communities.  Currently we have homes serving children from leprosy, child prostitution, persecution and HIV/AIDs backgrounds.

School Supply


Ichthus has started schools that incorporate at risk children with children who can afford tuition from the surrounding communities.  Education helps to break the poverty cycle and gives generational hope to families.


Drilling Wells

Clean water can make the difference between health and sickness for many communities in India.  Ichthus has drilled wells for many communities throughout Northern India.

Volunteer Opportunities


One of the barriers to enter the workforce is the inability to read.  Ichthus runs literacy classes for in many of the at-risk communities that we work in.

Image by Charu Chaturvedi

At-Risk Communities

Ichthus works in at-risk communities with elderly care, children with special needs, leprosy colonies, inner-city slums, child prostitution areas and impoverished villages.

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Discipleship Training

Our mission is to know God and to make him known.  We teach basic biblical truths in our Discipleship Training Course.  We pair these classes with outreach to live what we have learned.


Jesus Fellowships

Spiritual transformation is a focus of our efforts in all of our projects.  We are starting Jesus Fellowships in at-risk and unreached communities throughout Northern India.

Sewing Machine

Livelihood Training

We have livelihood training seminars and tailoring studios where those in need of employment can learn a trade and escape the poverty cycle.

Portable Toilet


Sanitation is a major problem for slum communities in India.  Ichthus partners with communities in need of sanitation to prevent sickness and disease.

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